Your Guide to Get the Eyebrows Everyday

Such tiny curves on the face will instantly strain the head-if you do it properly. If not, this may ruin the look in full, regardless of how well the contour or lipstick should be. That's why so many of us spend so much time (and money!) just to get the right eyebrows.

When it looks a bit too overwhelming to become a Make-up Newbie and into the eyebrow game, this guide is for you.

The right form for your face
It is essential to understand face symmetry. Your face shape should guide you on how to shape your brows. Many women know that there's a science and art behind perfect brows.

Cornered brows are the best way to define your own features for people with a round face. Lightly arched eyebrows are better for those with oval faces. Yet ensure that you only have a soft bow, if you have a cardiac head. But for those who have square faces, a heavy arch is perfect.

The Fuller, the Better
The days are now over where slim brows are loved and admired by most. The fuller (or more natural look), the better means the good eyebrow match.
The best way of dealing with it is by consulting with an expert if you have accidentally (or intentionally overwhelmed it!).

Brows-on-Fleek Everyday
It's strongly recommended that you go with permanent make-up if you really want (and wake up to) flexible eyebrows that don't have to draw and fill every now and then.

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