Setting on makeup is a way of art– you are the artist and your face is your canvas. With every stroke of color and every dust of powder, you create art.

Almost all ladies, even gents, own a makeup kit that contains all the products they trust and use. In this article, we’ll be listing down some of the essential beauty products that you need if you’re just starting to love the world of makeup.




Before applying makeup, you need to think of your skin. Using a moisturizer or a primer preps up your skin, as it makes sure to protect your skin before putting makeup on it.

There are different kinds of primer in the beauty stores, so make sure to find one that suits you.  A primer keeps the moisture in your face, without feeling sticky all day. To use, spread evenly with clean hands, all the way up to your neck.


For some people, they prefer to use pressed or loose powder but for other people who want to achieve flawless skin, they use foundation. There are different types of foundations; it can be either in a form of powder or liquid.

When applying foundation, make sure to find the right shade for you, something that complements your skin color.

Concealer is used to hide all impurities and blemishes. This is perfect for hiding those dark circles or eye bags. Just dab a tiny dot on your acne, whiteheads, or facial scars, then blend it evenly using your hand, beauty blender, or with a brush.


Every person has a unique shape of eyebrows, and when groomed, it makes it easier to style. Our eyebrows are one of the most important features on our face. You can use a pomade, pencil, or powder to style your brows.

Start with outlining the outer then fill up inwards and blend away. Makeup artists have always said to choose a lighter shade when buying an eyebrow product to soften your look.


The eyeliner is one of the pioneering makeup products as it was used in Egypt in ancient times. They are made to define our eyes and outline its shape. You can either use an eyeliner pen or a liquid eyeliner. Various colors of eyeliner such as blue, gray, and black are also available.


You don’t need to fiddle around and use false eyelashes as you can just use the right mascara to make your eyes more beautiful. Make sure to also apply mascara on both the top and bottom part of your eyelashes to make your eyes look fuller.



Lipsticks are easily the best choice when you need of a hint of color. There are different types of shades and you can either choose from tints, glosses, to balms.

Blush and Highlighters

 Blush is a must when you need to look glowing. It usually comes in the shades of pink, red, or oranges. For an added subtle glow, you can use a highlighter. Blush is always under your highlighter. Make sure to blend it with a brush to fully achieve that well-made look.




There are two types of eye shadows: matte and glittery. Matte is usually used as a base, and the one with shimmer is placed just above the crease of our eyes. Darker colors are used more for events during the night while light colors are for that natural look for the day. You can either mix and match colors to create a unique blend. When applying using our hands, make sure to use your pinky finger and ring finger for less pressure.

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