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Looking young with red lips

 One of the necessities of a woman is red lipstick. A swipe glamorizes any tired, bare face instantly. But in ordinary days many women don't dare wear red and always associate it with special occasions. Many dislike it because they don't know what color, although you never get wrong with red in comparison to pink lipstick.

When you're young, start to get used to this beautiful shade but then again, many young women shy away from the red lippy, because they fear it could make them look old.

Worry not. You, young adults, should learn how to wear red lipstick without adding 10 years on your hands. I'm happy to introduce you guys how the eye makes- up look looks best with red lipstick while you enjoy wearing eyeshades.


Put light golden eyeshadow on your entire lid with a slight wash of glow.

To make a deeper set of eyes, use a soft brown eye shadow. Tap on the powder lightly with your eyeshadow. Apply from the outside to your sockets, blend into the inner fabric and then blend upwards to make the color darker.

Apply the mascara volumetric. Don't use the lower lip with the mascara. Save your night outs from Twiggy.


Red complement each other and peach compliment. Peach produces a youthful feel, taming the bold red color down. Apply a light blush of peach on your cheeks and blend to your temples to produce a carving effect. Don't use luminous peaches and corals. It gives an orange tone to your look. A blush is preferable with a little shimmer.

Now, brush your lips with some red goodness. Option for the finished lipstick satin / glossy/sheer, since it makes a younger choice. For a rich, proprietary shine, you should lay the lipstick with lip-gloss. Matte / semi-matt finishes can be used. Only add a touch of sheen with the lip balm below.

I hope this solves one of your rouge problems! You're off!

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