Myths that aren't true for skincare


Okay, some formulations work. Nevertheless, skincare is a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. In fact, industry insiders say that it is the exact opposite. Fine bottles and new ingredients don't whisk away with your skin problems.

You need to know what works for yourself, your routine and your budget all the time. Remember it's not your friend's skin. In other words, to achieve a glossy, smoothing skin and above all to feel wonderful, a custom-made solution must be provided.

Here is an overview of some skincare rules you do not have to adhere to;

Use always a "small" product amount

You may have seen skincare labels with instructions to apply a small quantity of the product. It is what it is – the absorption rate of the skin varies between individuals. What if you don't get a pea-sized amount? How if the skin's too much?

Tip – if your skin is exposed for hours or is preparing for an afternoon, it's better to use more than a pea size. It's the same thing with sunscreen, especially if you want to go outdoor swimming.

A toner is a complete necessity

In fact, before applying a moisturizer, a standard toner removes excess dirt and sebum on your skin. Some brands even promise to lighten and lighten your skin.

While toners are an essential part of every beauty scheme, they are not required by everyone.

Tip - when using a toner, you should pick a streamlined solution and eventually remove it from your beauty products lists. Check the ingredients of your toner for comparison with your standard formula. You may consider it overlapping or you need it not.

Costly goods are best

Some people are falling for this gimmick, of course. Costly skincare products are not inevitably the best and vice versa. Sometimes it is the simple, affordable formulas that produce the best results. For example a sunscreen works if a moisturizer cannot be afforded.

Tip – Know how to invest your money in skincare products. Tip. Write about ingredients and how the body works. Often, avoid skin care designer formulas if you don't splurge the money.

The outcome

Be sure you make enough research to confirm the claims before you take advice. Once again, you need a highly rated skincare brand with true ratings – and that isn't just a theory. It is not difficult to keep your skin clear, smooth and acne-free.

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