Makeup Storage ideas: DIY

At first, putting cosmetics in a dresser drawer sounds like a smart idea, but once you put away all of the cosmetics, you're left with a messy drawer and no space for clothes. Now some people might suggest you get a makeup vanity, but unfortunately, these vanities are costly and take up too much space. Obviously, this isn't ideal if you're cramped in a small bedroom, dorm or apartment, so you need to come up with a secure, cost-effective alternative to cosmetic storage dilemmas that you may have. With that in mind, here's a look at some inexpensive, space-efficient, do-it-yourself makeup storage ideas.

Jewelry box to make up brush holder

Jewelry boxes are perfect alternatives or can be reused as a makeup brush holder. This requires little effort and can be convertible again for jewelry box unless you want it to use permanently as a make up kit. First, find an old jewelry box with a top-hinged lid and a hollow space inside. Some boxes of jewelry can even contain removable trays inside; you can discard the tray to make room for the next step.

Next, consider beads, marbles or pearls as filler-like glass. Fill the space with your chosen filler inside the jewelry box and while the lid is open, place the handle of the brush inside the box. You can personalize it by painting it with your favorite color and is even more fun and more feminine by adding ribbons or bow in front of the box which you can find at your favorite craft store.

Brush holder with glass vase

You may have noticed how they hold their makeup brushes in a vase if you've ever been to a makeup store like Sephora shop. It's not hard to find out, even if you haven't; you need a vase, some stones, sand, marbles, rocks (or other vase filler), and brushes of your makeup.

Square vases are cool, and they can be found in a number of sizes that fit well for the different types of cosmetic brushes. Hot pink is a common vase filler color because it is the femininity epitome but any color will work!

Cosmetic Magnetic Plate

Whether you don't have room for makeup in your bathroom, or simply lack space in a closet or dresser, consider hanging your cosmetics on your mirror. Make a magnetic make-up board with an old frame, a magnetic piece of metal cut to frame size, magnets, a piece of fabric with a design of your taste, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, a spray adhesive and a spray ay paint that matches your chosen fabric.

If you're curious where you'll need to buy the piece of metal, visit a hardware store and ask them to cut a piece to the size of the frame; write down the dimensions or bring the frame with you for the best results. First, take the glass of the frame and back out, to mount this magnetic cosmetic plate. Then paint the frame with spray and set it aside to dry. Use your spray adhesive to coat the metal, and then put your fabric side-up carefully on the metal.

Now you can put this aside to stick your magnets onto the makeup items. Small eyeshadows will only need a small round magnet, which can be sold in dollar stores, hardware stores and/or craft stores.

To compensate for the weight, heavier makeup products such as lipstick, mascara or broad eye shadow palettes may need a few more magnets. Using your glue gun to add a magnet to shadows and blushes at the back of your eyes; the hot glue will allow you to reuse the magnet until you have used the entire product.

Hang up a magnetic makeup board to save space in your bathroom or bedroom, and have cool, customized decor!
Choose a small and lightweight pencil holder for makeup brushes, eyeliners or lip liners to stick to your frame and get something out of your magnetic frame.

Office Supplies turned Makeup Space

You can find stylish and practical makeup storage in any office supplies store. All you need is a little creativity! The black mesh metal pencil holder will quickly become the holder for bright pink eyeliner.

Using some spray paint to color it with something you'll enjoy seeing every day. Clear plastic, rectangular boxes can be found which are called shallow drawer organizers. These can be found in the department store office section, and are great to store and arrange blushes, jumbo eyeshadow pencils, or eyeshadows.

Silverware dividers are also perfect for storing makeup pieces, and can be stored hidden inside the drawer with quick access and little mess.

Inside of a cabinet door into a Makeup Panel

If you're really struggling to find a cosmetics room, get a cabinet that you can hang a magnetic board so that your makeup is both covered, organized, and accessible. Measure the door in the cabinet or remove the door and take it to the hardware store to have a sheet of metal cut to fit into the door's inside.

The approach is the same as the magnetic makeup board described above, except that you do not need a frame.
To complete the project, start hot gluing of your magnets onto the board.

It just takes a couple of bucks, a little time, and a big imagination when it comes to seeking innovative and exclusive makeup storage solutions. An old train case could become the makeup storage for tomorrow! Having said that, dig through your wardrobe to find your own innovative storage options for makeup. By doing so, you cannot only save lots of household space but also you don't have to waste a large amount of money on an expensive makeup vanity.

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