How to find the right shade of makeup

It's not as hard to find the right shade of make-up as we do. Perhaps it's the abundant consumer volume that makes the issue bland and confusing.

Here's a couple of tips on how to stop the ambiguity and find the right shade...

How would you like to make-up yourself? The response most women offer is to cover flaws, marks, wrinkles and even the skin tone. You need to know that no maquillage can do all this and look normal. Using a concealer (green) before applying makeup if you have red spots you want to conceal. This means that the red is not visible and the makeup layer will appear thinner and more normal.

Similarly, all lines cannot be hidden by make-up. Using things like fillers before applying make-up to fill in deep plumps.

Your type of skin

The four skin types are possible: normal, oily, dry or combination of the last two. To find out what your skin type is once and for all, do a simple test: Rinse your face with warm water after removing all the previous make-up using an oil-free product. Do not add products and pat dry. Touch your face after approximately an hour. Is it clean? Is that dry? Is the touch oily? When in some places the skin is dry and in others moist, you have a mixed skin.

What type of makeup?

It depends on the sort of skin you use. To complement your skin, use the base. You can see what powder can do with your face if it's oily. Mineral makeup can also help to reduce oily skin. Liquids and creams can add moisture to the skin, and those with dry or very dry skin can use them. You may find that using more than one makeup works the best for you if you have a mixed face. Any product you are comfortable with can be used for anyone with normal skin.

Selecting the Right Make-Up Shade

The options are so many! There are so many colors, so many options for every skin tone. Through cosmetic enterprise has its own way of classifying them in order to further complicate the problem.

Several thumb rules for picking the correct shade are present here:

The traditional way is to look at the wrists inside color.

What's the feel of the veins?

When you have blue veins, you should look for a “cool” shade of the yellow family's skin tone. You belong to the rose family if your veins appear gray, and you should look for the ones listed red. Such colors may also be referred to as beige, buff or rose. The yellow shades may be called "golden," "olive," or "rosy gray."

Another way is to place a piece of silver and gold cloth next to your wrist and see the veins reflected in it. If the tone is blue near silver and the tones are cold, then the tones are warm when green next to gold.

You can now concentrate on selecting the right one for you by narrowing the area. Your skin tone will suit the makeup. Don't make a difference in the color of your face. Using bronzers instead if you want a tanner look.

Check your jawline a small amount and blend it in your face, or put a dab in your wrist and fine-tune. Was the patch defined? The shadow is wrong. Only in close observation should it be found.

It's a bit tricky when you try buying make-up in a store you can't put the make-up on your skin.

As an intelligent customer, you know that the color of the makeup in the bottle doesn't adequately reflect your face. A tester for the shades is provided by several cosmetics firms. They'll gladly do it for you in the large shops. Make sure you walk to the counter with a clean and moisturized face and nothing else if you take the road.

Where necessary, leave the store to see the results in the daylight. If the shop does not approve, you can always return later. If you buy makeup that you intend to wear during the day, particularly.


  • I purchased this foundation before and I loved it!! I don’t remember what shade I was. I answered some questions to help me find out what shade to order. How do I find the website that helps me find it?

    Teresa Salazar
  • I use the tan 108 foundation. What do you have to cover dark spots on face , dark under eye circles and hyper pigmentation on my forehead.


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