Hairstyling to make you look slimmer

With a slim face and body, women have been looking for decades and luckily, women are able to achieve that thanks to hairstylists, make-up and the proper clothing.
Make-up is easy to slim your face and costs much less than going under the knife. Also, getting a good haircut gives you the appearance of being a little skinnier.
Not all women have the same problem areas in clothing, so you can choose clothing to ease negative things while focusing on their positive areas, by understanding and recognizing your own problem areas.
All of it sounds simple enough. But you may end up like you're just out of a clown car if you aren't applying or making up correctly. Luckily, if you know the right tips and techniques to do this, you will achieve a slimmer face and an all-round look.
Having said that, here are some tips and tricks to make you look lighter in your pounds.

Face and hairstyles
We're going to start with your hair as it's one of the first things someone knows about you. Even a skinny person could be a few pounds heavier if you wear the wrong hairstyle. So let's start by defining your face shape relative to the hair in an effort to avoid this. You will have to learn how your face is in order to find the correct hairstyle for your face shape.
• So start with putting your hair in a ponytail to reveal your face.
• Look into a mirror and apply the facial contour with a slightly wet bar of soap to the mirror. You can then decide what is the shape of your face after drawing the contours of your face.

Round Type
A broad, curved front and a round chin have round faces. You appear full at a few angles because of cheekbones broader than the front or chin. The ears and lips are also the broader parts of a triangular neck. For style hair with a circular face, attracting attention to make the face look longer is beneficial.
To do this, remove a few layers of hair and notice that longer hair than your chin tends to make you look slender. Divide the hair slightly away from the middle and make it higher by tingling hair.
To make a slim round face look, stay away from hairstyles that suggest that you remove your hair from the face – unless your hair is higher. The round faces look nice with hair longer than a chin, which helps avoid the appearance of a few pounds heavier.

Oval Shapes
Women with oval faces are said to be the perfect facial shape because the hairstyles are very flexible. When they're in the stylist's chair, oval faces have very nothing to think about. Because almost every hairstyle flatters an oval face, there's no need to think about layers under your chin or above. You can have long, short or any length in the intermediate period, and still have a flattering hairstyle.

One thing which might give you a slimming look is to ask a designer to cut your hair in order to frame your face. One more thing to note is that you will not cover your face excessively with a heavy border.

Heart-Shaped Face
A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and a narrow nose. To make your head wider, the narrow chin often appears broader, you must use hairstyles to make the forehead look narrower.
Consider a cut that looks like a bob with a side hairstyle in your chin. But don't worry about putting too much volume on your head's crown, because it attracts the eye and may sound a conehead!
Oblong/Rectangular Face
A long face and hollow cheeks is known as oval, long or oblong. Your face is the same width from your forehead, and the jaw near your chin slightly decreases in size; it's like a square face, but a bit round. If you're in this section, your face is slim so that you don't overdramatize your hair for short to half-length

Square-Shaped Face

Square faces are generally straight and have a square jawline so that the aim is to make the face appear longer. Bring your hair to your side and try to add bangs. Add volume and height to your crown to make hair longer than the chin! For long and straight hair, your face can look a few pounds heavier so use soft waves and curves to cover your jaw's sharp lines. You can try an asymmetric bob and make your neck look slimmer by adding length.

Slim the face with makeup

• Start with a clean and moisturized face with your normal foundation and concealer.

• Start your eye makeup routine as desired and use your coral, bronze, mascara or pressed powder (one or two shades darker than the natural tone of your skin) to bypass your cheeks. Should not use powders that look more natural and transparent than matte, which is easier to cover if you make a mistake. Apply matt bronzer or pressed powder to your jawline and temples with a blush or angled face brush. Place the powder in place so that no visible lines can be seen and a makeup coil or transparent powder is used to smooth out the marks.

• The next move is to add the bronzer to the hollow region of your cheeks, which is below your cheeks ' apples and produces further angles. Find holes before adding the powder by sucking the cheeks in. Shift your brush to the line of your hair so it looks natural.

• Improve your beauty by applying a little blush to the cheeks' apples.

• After the blush, you can use a shadow of the skin or highlight the powder directly under the eye to draw on your cheekbones. Then use the same shadow or powder under your eyebrow. It's good if the highlighting product that is used gives your skin a natural shine because it is positioned where light naturally hits your face.

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