Bring out your natural beauty by using these makeup techniques

All it takes is a little effort, simple techniques, and few products to let your assets shine through. Try makeup in soft and earthy shades that is formulated for your skin type. Apply it with the right touch and blend in order to achieve a polished and timeless and natural look.

1. Clean and moisturize your face.

Makeup works best when the skin is moisturized and clean. Clean skin needs less makeup product, which is ideal to achieve a natural look. And moisturizer helps your skin to be hydrated.

2. Even out skin tone

Choose the right shade and let your skin’s natural freshness come through. Mix a little amount of foundation with a squirt of your favorite moisturizer and apply to your skin for a fast and easy way to add natural tint to the face.

3. Use concealer to cover flaws

Select a shade lighter than the hue of your natural skin. Apply the concealer to the problem areas like around the nose to reduce blemishes and redness and around the eyes make dark circles less visible. Gently blend with a brush or fingertip. But don't go overboard. A heavy hand will make the skin look stubborn and rigid. A gentle touch is all that’s needed.

4. Define your eyes.

If eyes are the windows to the soul then brighten and enhance them for natural appeal with soft browns and sandy-colored shadows. Dot brown pencil into the lash line. Smudge the paint with a cotton bud or a small brush. Lashes will look longer and fuller and will define your eyes even more.

5. Highlight your lashes

First use an eyelash curler then apply two coats of mascara with your right shade to define the eyes more. For light-haired woman, brown is more effective while women with darker hair will stick to the brownish-black. Too dark and too much mascara can make eyes look fake.

6. Put some blush on your cheeks.

A warm-colored spot on your cheeks can give you natural glow. For those with oily to
average skin, blush provides sheer color. For outdoor vibrancy, sweep bronzer
on cheekbones, forehead and down the nose. Do not overdo it by applying too strongly. If this happens, use a cotton ball to remove any excess.

7. Define your lips

Choose a pinky-brown lip color, or a hue that suits your lips. Lip stains stays longer or you can use a nude lipliner instead. Blend it towards you mouth the put on some clear or pale-tinted non sticky lip gloss to keep you lips looking light and fresh.

8. Check your makeup using natural light.

You can do this by moving near a window and check your face. Radiant skin and accentuated features are to be seen. If too much makeup is seen, get a cotton ball and buff off the extra. People should notice the natural you and not your makeup.

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