Beauty checklist for special occasions

Checklist for special occasions

Many people have special occasions, such as engagements, early date celebrations, birthday parties and holidays during the year. Many of these special activities will be planned regularly, while others are spontaneous and last minute. Last but not least, such occurrences can cause a great deal of stress, including in the least detail. So here is a list of things that will relieve the pressure of planning for special events to support such stressful circumstances.

Pamper your Eyes

The area around your eyes will disclose at any age as it reveals how much you have slept and how much alcohol you baked the night before. While your eyes seem to be clear, it's good to pick them up before a special event. Carry some green teabags to start pampering your eyes, and let them cool before putting the bags over your closest eyes, for 10 minutes. Cucumbers are also an excellent way to permeate the skin.

Do not forget to touch up your eyebrows when they look a bit stressful while you are taking care of the eye zone. Going to a living room several days before your event and professional eyebrows help you keep them smooth and stylish for the big day. Don't wax them the same day as the event as the skin can turn red and irritated several hours later.

Hair care

The hair is another thing you can think about as you can use over a million different styles such as braids, soft waves, headbands, pony tails ... the list goes on!

Aside from how you choose to style your hair, it is critical for your strands to be clean. In order to make sure that your hair can be handled, remember to cut out split ends periodically. Use a hair mask of any kind the night before your event to make moisture absorbing locks and flipping away. Coconut oil is perfect for this; use it for all-over care for both your scalp and hair. Using bulking shampoo and conditioner to pump your hair up a little as this gives your hair more bounce as it becomes more full.

Important care for the nails

It is up to you to make sure your nails are clean, polished and painted if you can not get a manicure or pedicure. Your hands are very beautiful, so it is necessary also to keep them clean and hydrated.

 Cut your nails and file them in a uniform way. Push up or remove the cuticles with a trimmer. Don't forget to wash your hands well and dry them properly. Paint them with a chic nude or light pink paint, or take a French manicure. Place your top layer and then massage your hands with oil or cream hydration – concentrating on the cuticle region.

Whiten Teeth

Special events are frequently overflowed with cameras and friends, so you want the pictures to look the best. A luminous white smile will increase your confidence and make a good impression. Before your case, use teeth whitening strips so you can be sure.

Get much rest

Skimping on sleep is never a good idea, particularly when the next day you go to an event! Sleep is essential, and it can make or break the skin’s complexion, mood, and confidence of your skin. Getting enough sleep can rejuvenate cells in your body and reduce your puffiness, redness, pickles and dark eye circles. You will increase your focus and have more time, so you won't be lenient with your sleep every night halfway through the day.

Unfortunately, in some situations it's better to get ample shuteye than to do. If you're too anxious to sleep or just out of time, sprinkle the cold water on your face in the morning to strain pores and massages your face with ice cubes. Just avoid placing ice on the eye region directly as it may trigger inflammation or blood vessels that trigger your eyes to get dyeed. This also helps to perform some light workouts while you are out of bed, including skipping pants, pushups, or yoga.

Caffeine is also an irritating agent in sleeping, so you should do well to avoid sodas, coffee or tea before bedtime.

Drink Water

Water is undervalued as sleep as it keeps the skin close and helps cleanse the skin. Sadly, drinking water can be monotonous, but the taste and antioxidant forces of the water can be enhanced by adding a splash of cranberry or garnering fruit, giving your skin a new benefit. White or green teas are always cool beverages while you're out.

If we think about what to drink, let 's talk about what you should not do. Alcohol is filled with needless calories that dry your skin, which makes it an all-round bad idea. As we have previously stated, avoid caffeine-packaged beverages as well.

Don’t Overdose on Carbs

While healthy carbohydrates exist, unhealthy carbohydrates like bread and pasta are also available. You can bloat these carbs, which is an instant confidence deflator!

Instead, consider brown rice bread with a cup of fruit and egg whites instead of consuming whole grain or white bread for breakfast toast. Then prepare brown rice noodles for dinner instead of the whole grain type for your pasta, paired with a lean protein such as salmon, turkey, or chicken. With every meal to maximize vitality and digestion, it's also a smart idea to consume raw fruit and vegetables. It also makes you enjoy the best by eating less sugar and salt. Knowing that minor changes like these have a huge effect on how your body feels, sooner rather than later it is important to start changes.

Facial at Home/Salon

Just go to a facial salon about a week before the event or go to your place. Facials encourage circulation of the blood, giving a healthy glow to the skin. It 's crucial that you give a few days to allow your skin to settle down after your treatment if you have never had a face before. Use the items you've used before or for sensitive skin when you're doing a facial at home and try them a month or so before the meeting.

 Exfoliate your Face and Body

Exfoliating the skin on the face and body encourages healthy skin cells to regenerate, thereby eliminating fresh skin on the surface. Every day or every other day some people want to exfoliate depending on their own preference.

Use a Hydrating Daily Moisturizer

Hydrating agents are important because they moisturize your skin so that it stays soft and helps keep your skin flexible too. It is best to read the labels before using a drug without dangerous ingredients like parabens or alcoholic liquor.

Tips on how to prepare for Special Events

When you look at a list like this and attempt to find time to schedule some appointments, it can be daunting, so here are a few ways of bringing stress down one level. Sign it up on your calendar as soon as you learn about a special case. Refer to the list and show your calendar of waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures for the planned time. In this way, you do not have time to do any of the above about a week before the event.

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