10 Simple and Practical Beauty Tips

  • A simple teaspoon is used to get rid of your eye puffiness. Put it in a refrigerator for 5 minutes, use it as a treatment to reduce the swelling, when it is cold enough. Curds or potatoes can also help to solve the same problem. Put on your eyes a slice of potato or cucumber and hold on for 10 minutes, so it should help a lot.
  • Make your holidays easy to scrub. It is a perfectly natural and healthy way of chilling under the sun on the beach, scrubbing your body with sand mixed with water.
  • You can easily create a natural hair highlight with lemon juice if you're on holiday in a sunny country. Mix it with water 1/1, apply it to thin parts of your hair and walk out in the sun. The acid in the citrus juice reacts and lights your hair with sunshine. And it's going to look very natural!
  • With the help of strawberry, you can whiten your teeth. Simply rub the strawberry into your teeth or put the strawberry into the paste, then dip your toothbrush into it and brush your teeth. You can notice significant blanching of your teeth if you do it for a few times. The acid content of the strawberry is all about that. But afterward make sure that your mouth is rinsed thoroughly and acidity is reduced. Don't use it daily, don't harm your teeth
  • Get rid of pimples with toothpaste. I know that sounds strange, but it works definitely. Apply your toothpaste before bedtime on the pimple and usually over the night you get rid of this uncomfortable problem. The toothpaste should be plain white. This could be a good alternative when you do not have a proper spot treatment or when your usual acne cream is out of your hand. But remember, it should rarely be used.
  • Nearly everyone now knows about a dry shampoo that is a very convenient and fast alternative for usual hair washing. You can use baby powder (talc) instead if you do not have dry shampoo. To improve the result, put it on your hair's roots with a big makeup brush, then brush your hair with a usual hairbrush. You're going to be freshened up and look like you were washing them.
  • Fleece's lips are now very popular. Your refrigerator is an unexpected place to find your lip stain. It's beetroot I'm discussing. Yes, this pure red vegetable turns out to be a wonderful and natural lip stain. Color your lips a little bit and you'll look just incredible! And this type of color is now, of course, very trendy.
  • If your usual shampoo is not at hand, mix 2 or 3 eggs (constantly) and wash your hair with this substance, you will notice it will even make a spray when you massage it in your hair. Then rinse and use your conditioner as usual.
  • You may mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with 1 liter of water and add some drops of aromatic oil, but if you want to go all-natural or you do not have conditioner at hand, it will add brightness to the hair and aromatic oil will infuse a very pleasant aroma.
  • Take your fingers into two portions to cut the lemon, so that you can enter all your nails. Keep it for 10 minutes, it strengthens and prevents your nails from becoming fragile.
  • Get over with your usual makeup remover, you have no time to shop and buy the new one? Remove your make-up with highly gentle olive oil, which is also hydrated and vitamins

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